Behavioral Interviewing Prep

A coaching service to help you ace your behavioral interviews for software engineering opportunities. If you're a Computer Science undergrad student, a bootcamp student, or a recent graduate, then this service is made for you.


This service is primarily focused on building your capabilities and comfort with the behavioral interview:

  • Increasing your ability to pinpoint and communicate your impact in team projects
  • Develop your understanding of delivering clear and concise technical information
  • Achieving comfort in the interview setting
  • Deriving a conversation to sell your personality in the midst of a normal interview


We'll work with you to understand your background, personality, and goals. Once those aspects are established, we'll help you build your understanding of the behavioral interview and how you'll be able to succeed. We aim to take a personalized approach, due to the simple fact that the same advice won't work for every individual. We accomplish this through a series of one on one 45 minute coaching sessions. We'll compile your session notes and provide them in an organized manner after each meeting.

  • 15 minute Stage 0: We'll use this to determine if this service is a good fit for you.
  • 45 minute Stage 1: Develop our understanding of your personality, background, and goals. This involves asking a few behavioral questions and a converation around who you are and how that impacts you in a professional setting.
  • 45 minute Stage 2: Stage 2 is focused on providing you with specific feedback on the questions you answer in Stage 1 and providing you with a game plan for future behavioral interviews. This will customized to your experiences and communication style.
  • After Stage 2: We can keep going until you feel that you don't need us. Our goal is to build a partnership with you, but success for us is you feeling comfortable in behavioral interviews. As time goes on and you're searching for roles again, we'd love to have you reach back out and recieve more practice and insight.

Pricing & Schedule

Stage 0 is free. We don't want you spending money on something you don't need. Stage 0 helps us make sure we're aligned with your needs and you have a clear understanding of our service. Stage 1 is $27 and then each stage beyond that is $19.